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Mercy Ships is an international organization that strives for more access to medical care worldwide. With the largest private hospital ship in the world - the Africa Mercy - Mercy Ships wants to fill the gaps in healthcare in developing countries. At the same time, Mercy Ships addresses the most urgent surgical need of the poorest population. The ultimate goal is the permanent improvement of health care in a developing country.

5 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, timely and affordable surgery. More people die each year because they have no access to safe, timely and affordable surgery than to malaria, AIDS / HIV and tuberculosis combined. Together with you, Mercy Ships wants to change this. Our goal? Offer everyone access to safe, timely and affordable healthcare.

Mercy Ships gives the poorest people a new future by carrying out life-changing operations. Mercy Ships also wants to permanently improve the health care of a country. We build or renovate local hospitals and provide training and education for local health workers. In addition to healing surgical procedures, Mercy Ships offers a range of training options for medical professionals (doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and health professionals). Together with qualified local and international partners, the Mercy Ships programs provide comprehensive support to developing countries.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been able to help more than 2.56 million people. The countries where we provide our services are among the poorest in the world according to the Human Development Index of the United Nations.


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