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Foal raising

To raise our new champions in the most optimal circumstances, we have an extra package of services in Belgium. We offer you the upbringing of your foal, breeding mare or surrogate mare (embryo transplantation) in our facilities near Brussels.


We provide all accommodation for you horse like: stables, feeding, worming and vaccinating. Our manager Staf oversees the well-balanced nutrition of the foals and makes sure vaccinations, quarterly blacksmith visits, or even the first walk on the horse truck happen in the most serene conditions.


Classified by age & gender, youngsters enjoy being outside every day, even in wintertime. Temperature & climate variations, specific minerals in grass, density of the soils they walk on and playmates keeping them active all year long will be determining both the physical and mental strength of the horse.


Thanks to the daily handling, they get accustomed to human interaction, are checked physically on potential injuries and of course benefit from a good night sleep in their individual boxes.


Thanks to our partner Equicity, clients can remotely follow-up on nutrition, vaccination or any special moment the horse lives at our facilities. A dedicated app, accessible only by the owner, captures the full history on a daily basis. In this way, your youngster can grow up in the best conditions until he or she is ready to go into training or fly home.

Once the horse turns 3 years old, we can start training under the professional guidance of GP Sporthorses.


For more details, you can contact Pieter Goyvaerts or Geert Helsen by telephone/ e-mail.

Pieter: +32 (0) 479 66 46 68 or e-mail .

Geert: +32 (0) 479 29 82 92 or e-mail .



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