Auction Antwerp
Edition: 2015

Drachtig/gedekt van For Pleasure

Parco  Darco  Lugano van La Roche 
Iliona v/h Carelshof  Attack Z 
Idjaz-C  Hedjaz  Ibrahim 
Chiquita  Cardinal xx 

°00-00-2003   |   mare   |   grey   |   BWP   |   With VAT: yes

De laatste zus van Sapphire

Diamond van ’t Merelsnest’s sire is BWP ambassador Parco, a son of the legendary progenitor Darco. From 2000 until 2008 Parco played a leading role on the international showjumping scene in partnership with Ludo Philippaerts. Some of his highlights: participation at four World Cup finals, two European championships (Donaueschingen and San Patrignano), first place in the Monte Carlo 2006 Grand Prix, first place in the Paris 2001 World Cup class, first place in the Bordeaux 2001 Grand Prix, first place in the Mechelen 2001 Masters and, last but not least, fifth place during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Parco enjoys a great reputation as a supplier of international showjumpers, such as the Olympic stallion Bufero van het Panishof (London, 2012).

Diamond owes her name not only to her sire, but also to her dam Idjaz-C (BWP performance line 17). In the breeding world Idjaz-C is an inestimable jewel. She produced several successful international performers, such as the legendary Safari van ’t Merelsnest (Mclain Ward), Livius van ’t Merelsnest (sporting name: Lapino), Nearco van ’t Merelsnest (Nicki Mathen and Susan Hutchison), Quarco van ’t Merelsnest (Eric Van der Vleuten, Philippe Le Jeune, Filip Lacus, Robin Sweely and Eirin Bruheim), Maureen van ’t Merelsnest (Sofie Van Bunder) and Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest (Marc Van Dijck and Bjorn Van Bunder). Diamond is very closely related to Safari van ’t Merelsnest: their dam is Idjaz-C and Safari’s sire, Darco, is the grandfather of Diamond. Safari van ‘t Merelsnest (sporting name: Sapphire) belongs to the gallery of the most famous showjumpers in the world. She collected several Olympic team medals (Beijing and Athens) and WEG (Aachen). She participated at four World Cup finals, two editions of the World Equestrians Games, and won several challenging Grand Prix.


Walter Van Bunder: “With the mare Diamond Van ’t Merelsnest I give the breeders an exclusive opportunity. This is the last daughter of the mare Idjaz-C, the mother of Sapphire and the other GP horses Qarco, Lapino and Wendelina Van ’t Merelsnest. Diamond’s son Paquito (Plot Blue) was acquired by Ashford Farm. This 3/4 sister to Sapphire is in foal by For Pleasure and due only two weeks after this auction!”


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