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Editie: 2018

Damline of 1.60M showjumpers & world class stallions like Athletico - Calido 7 - Condor C - Candaletto - Cassito del Diablo

Indoctro  Capitol I  Capitano 
Vanessa VII  Caletto II 
Jasmijn  Athlet Z  Almé Z 
Osterblume  Rasputin 

°05-03-2008   |   merrie   |   donker bruin   |   1m63   |   KWPN   |   BTW-plichtig: ja

In foal of Andiamo Z


Sire: Indoctro (C Indoctro) (Holst, stallion by Capitol I) Approved for: KWPN, Hann, Holst, SF, SWB, sBs Level 1.35m with Ulrich Kirchhoff (UKR)


1st dam:

1991    Jasmijn ( Holst, mare by Athlet Z )

  • 1998   Roos (KWPN, mare by VDL Corland)

    • 2006   Bloody Mary (KWPN, mare by Berlin)

dam of George (KWPN, 2011, gelding by Numero Uno)  Level 1.35m

  • 1999   SERING (KWPN, mare by Emilion)  Level 1.50m with Andrea Enrico Herholdt (ITA) & Lorenzo de Luca (ITA)

  • 2005   Anemoon (KWPN, mare by Indorado)

    • 2010   LOVE (I Love Only Myself d'Acheronte) (SI, stallion by Heartbreaker)  Level 1.50m with Richard Spooner (USA) & Luca Maria Moneta (ITA)

  • 2008   Daphina (KWPN, mare by Indoctro)

2nd dam:

1977    Osterblume ( Holst,  mare by Rasputin )

  • 1981   Träumerin (Traumerin) (Holst, mare by Landgraf I)

    • 1989   ATHLETICO (Holst, stallion by Athlet Z)  Level 1.60m with Ben Schröder (NLD)

    • 1995   Natal (VDL Natal) (Holst, stallion by Caretino) Approved for: KWPN, ISH, SI

    • 2000   Prisma IV (Holst, mare by Carpaccio)
          dam of Canuto ( Holst, 2004, gelding by Cassini II ) Level 1.35m

  • 1985   Z-Libera (Holst, mare by Libero H) Level 1.55m

    • 2000   Pippa II (Holst, mare by Coronado)
          dam of Rumers Cascari ( Holst, 2009, gelding by Cascari ) Level 1.45m

    • 2001   Reviera (Holst, mare by Caretino)
          dam of CONDOR C ( Holst, 2005, stallion by Cassini I ) Approved for: BWP  
          Level 1.60m

dam of ZAFRINA VA ( Holst, 2007,  mare by Quintero ASK ) Level 1.50m

    • 2006   Wind VA (Holst, mare by Crawford 5)  Level 1.45m with Nathalie Mack (FRA) & Jur Vrieling (NLD)

  • 1987   CALIDO 7 (Holst,  gelding by Cantus)  Level 1.60m with Denis Lynch (IRL) & Linda Hallgren (SWE)

  • 1988   CANDALETTO (Canaletto) (Holst, stallion by Cantus) Approved for: Holst, SF, Bay, BA Level 1.60m with Charlotte Velin (DNK)

  • 1989   Dorena (Holst, mare by Cantus)

    • 2005   Castelli 5 (Holst, gelding by Casall ASK)  Level 1.45m with Jan Distel (DEU)

  • 1991   Jasmijn (Holst, mare by Athlet Z) : see above

  • 1994   Ida III (Holst, mare by Athlet Z)

    • 2009   Wenningstedt (Holst, mare by Acodetto 2)
          dam of Catrice F ( Dirty Diana )  ( Holst, 2011, mare by Clinton I ) Level 1.30m

  • 1995   Kaily-Milo (Holst, mare by Acord II)

    • 2001   Raina II (Holst, mare by Counter)
          dam of Dante ( Holst, 2007, mare by Diamant de Semilly ) Level 1.35m

    • 2007   CASSITO DEL DIABOLO (Holst, stallion by Cassini I)  Level 1.60m with Kaya Lüthi (CHE) & Johannes Ehning (DEU)

    • 2008   ACASCIA (Holst, mare by Diamant de Semilly)  Level 1.60m with Jur Vrieling (NLD) & Suzanne Tepper (NLD)

    • 2009   Diacord (Holst, stallion by Diamant de Semilly) Approved for: AES Level 1.60m with Morgan Ward (GBR) & Chloe Vranken (BEL)


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